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The ODDyssey Half Marathon is Proud to Support Students Run Philly Style!

Students Run Philly Style

The ODDyssey Half Marathon is proud to continue its partnership with Students Run Philly Style for the seventh year in a row! A portion of proceeds from the event will be donated to Students Run.  Please consider an additional donation upon registering for the race.

"The ODDyssey Half Marathon has been a fantastic supporter of Students Run Philly Style,” said Heather McDanel, Founder of Students Run Philly Style.  “We are grateful for all of the support that enables us to work with so many students in helping them achieve their running goals.  We are proud to partner with the ODDyssey Half Marathon again in 2016 for the seventh consecutive year.”

You can donate to Students Run Philly Style here

Students Run Philly Style helps youth go farther!

Students Run Philly Style is the only program in Philadelphia that offers  marathon training to help young people succeed in life.  We do this by connecting students with adult mentors who help them imagine and accomplish goals beyond their dreams, including the completion of a marathon.

Based on a similar initiative in Los Angeles, the program delivers powerful results for youth, including increasing high school graduation rates, improving health, providing safe choices after school and developing positive relationships with caring adults.


Almost half of Philadelphia’s children are overweight or at high risk for becoming overweight*. Students Run students addresses childhood obesity by getting students off the couch and into a healthy lifestyle.  We build life-long athletes by getting youth involved in running—a sport that anyone can do, anytime, anywhere! 


In a city where almost 7,000 juvenile arrests were made in Philadelphia last year**, Students Run combats soaring youth violence by providing students with a safe after-school activity led by strong adult role-models in the form of our running leaders.


After training for something as difficult as a marathon, getting an A in History doesn’t seem so impossible anymore!  The self-esteem, goal-setting and discipline our youth learn through running translates into improved performance in the classroom.  Now that’s something to be proud of! 

*Data from Report Card 2007: The Well-Being of Children and Youth in Philadelphia